Hot Bento’s technology innovates battery powered Food and Beverage products. Improvements in battery design have led to industry changing adaptation. Users of battery powered products from automobiles to power tools enjoy greater efficiency, speed and convenience.  Heating takes a significant amount of energy at high currents, and Hot Bento is leading the charge in realizing the advantages of battery power in the consumer meal experience.
Hot Bento is the culmination of 5 years dedicated to research and development of battery powered heating systems for food and liquid. This proprietary technology was initially launched in the award-winning Cauldryn self-heating bottle. The first (and only) product capable of fully boiling water (212°F/100°C ) with a battery.  

Typically, International Innovations, Inc. designs and develops products that strategic partners bring to market. The enthusiasm and excitement generated by Hot Bento led to a decision to stay in-house and ONDAGO LLC was formed to manage development. 8 different prototype iterations, extensive testing and new patents pending brought the sleek, ergonomic yet rugged final version of Hot Bento to life.
Launching in September 2021, Hot Bento creates a new class of product with no competition. The category speaks to existing food trends that were accelerated by the Covid-19 Pandemic: Food Safety/Sanitation, Healthy Meals, Convenience and Portability. Hot Bento is the only solution providing a hot meal in 10-15 minutes  — anywhere!
There's more to come. The Hot Bento Insulated Cooler Bag and 3-in-One Utensil are natural additions to the family. New models in development will offer exciting and unprecedented functionality for Food Prep, Food Service and Meal Kits. Stay tuned. The category is HOT.